519 W Lone Cactus Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85027

Our Process

Our process is simple, quick and most importantly the price is secured, no manipulation to the Purchase Price. Advertised price is the price you will pay.

You as a buyer will pay the following two items when purchasing a vehicle from us:

(1) Price of the Vehicle  and  (2) AZ Sales Tax = Total Purchase Price

Please Note:

  • We do NOT charge for doc fees (paperwork fees)
  • We do NOT charge for title transfer fees
  • We do NOT charge for lien recording if you are financing the vehicle
  • We do NOT charge for 45 day vehicle registration, that will be provided to you at NO cost

Welcome to Connex Motors, LLC. We are located in the north-east area of Phoenix, Arizona.

Connex Motors provides pre-owned, new model vehicles that incorporate the best value at competitive prices. We have a variety of resources and the experience to locate the dream vehicle you are seeking. Connex Motors is committed to provide superior customer satisfaction, in terms of both service and products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.